Electric doors are widely used and play a decisive role in our daily lives. Beautiful and convenient, greatly improving our quality of life. We should know that no matter what operating equipment, there is a processor, just like a computer has a central processor, then the electric door is no exception, there is also an electric door system processor, let's follow the editor of Bast Intelligence Equipment to learn about electric The principle of door system configuration!


The basic principle of electric door


The system configuration of the electric door refers to the peripheral auxiliary control devices connected to the electric door controller, such as door opening signal source, access control system, safety device, centralized control, etc., equipped according to the requirements of use. Must be based on the characteristics of the building. Through the composition of personnel, the system requirements of building automation, etc. are reasonably equipped with auxiliary control devices.


1. Door opening signal


The door opening signal of an electric door is a contact signal. Microwave radar and infrared sensors are two commonly used signal sources: microwave radar responds to the displacement of objects, so the reaction speed is fast. It is suitable for places where people with normal walking speed pass. The characteristic is that once the people near the door do not want to go out and stand still, the radar will no longer respond, and the electric door will be closed, which has a certain protective effect on the door operator.

electric door system processor


2. Access control system and electric doors in non-public areas


If the highest requirements for the performance and quality of electric doors are in large public areas with extremely high frequency of use, then the highest functional requirements for electric doors are non-public areas where people enter and exit. The access control system is the identification of entry authorization. After recognizing or detecting that the entry authorization is passed, the door opening signal is provided to the control system of the electric door.


Before providing the door open signal, the electric door must be locked. The access control system includes the simplest key switch, password lock, and magnetic card lock. (Attendance Statistics System). All the way to the complex weight recognition system, fingerprint recognition system and so on. But no matter how complicated the system is, it will ultimately provide the electric door with a contact signal to open the door.


3. The requirement for the electric door is the coordination between the unlocking action and the opening action.


Electronic locks used in automatic sliding doors include electromagnetic locks for locking belts, electric locks for locking door hangers, and three types of lock motors. The latter is used for heavy-duty automatic sliding doors. The electronic locks for electric swing doors include electromagnetic door stoppers, electronic bolt locks and electronic door openers. The force direction of the electronic door opening does not affect the opening action of the door, and it is not easy to cause misoperation.


The above is an introduction to the configuration principle of the electric door system. With the development of industrial economy, the application of electric doors is very wide. When purchasing an electric door system processor, you must choose a buyer with quality assurance.

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