When purchasing fire-rated doors, many customers will ask the sales manufacturers of fire-rated doors a question: Does the fire-rated door need to be grouted and pre-buried? how to do the grouting of the fire-rated door and the pre-buried treatment of the fire-rated door? Next, the editor of Bast Intelligence Equipment will give you a brief introduction.


Because of its fire resistance, fire-rated doors play a great role in preventing the spread of fire and the spread of dense smoke. Because of its good heat resistance and simple appearance, fire-rated doors are widely used in engineering buildings and are the first choice for fire-rated doors in public places such as schools and hospitals.


The pre-embedded fire-proof door means that the fire-proof door manufacturer reserves a part of the length of the fire-proof door frame that exceeds the door leaf during the production of the fire-proof door. The reserved length is generally 2 cm. The purpose of this reservation is to protect the The part beyond the door leaf enters the underground, making the fire-rated door body more robust and durable.

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After the fire-rated door is installed, professionals pour cement mortar into the fire-rated door frame. After the cement mortar is solidified, it can also strengthen the fire-rated door body and prolong the service life of the fire-rated door. This is the fire-rated door grouting.

Must the fire-rated door be pre-buried and grouted?

In the national fire-rated door regulations, there is no hard and fast rule, and most of them are handled according to the requirements of the construction site. If the size of the fire-rated door is large, for the safety of the fire-rated door in use, Bast Intelligence Equipment generally recommends customers to do pre-embedding or grouting treatment. The door size of the fire-rated door is too small, so it is not necessary to do it.


In addition, if the tiles are already affixed to the ground, it is difficult to cut when embedding, and the embedding process may not be performed at this time.

There are many fire-rated door manufacturers on the market, and the products on the market are also mixed. If you need to buy a fire-rated door, you must see whether the fire-rated door manufacturer has the fire-rated door production qualification. Different brands of fire-rated doors use completely different manufacturing processes and materials. Although they all have fire protection capabilities, there is a big gap in details, workmanship, durability, and environmental protection. The installation of fire-rated doors must also be carried out by professional skilled workers.

The pre-embedded fire-rated door is suitable for fire-rated door products of all materials. There are no special requirements for its material. The grouting treatment is different. The cement mortar can be poured only when the inside of the door frame is empty. The door frame of the wooden fire-rated door is not hollow. So the wooden fire-rated door cannot be grouted. The grouting of the fire-rated door is different from the pre-buried treatment of the fire-rated door. In addition, when purchasing fireproof doors, we should find reliable sales manufacturers of fire-rated doors, so that the quality can be guaranteed.

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