Since Twitch is the preferred medium for live streaming, you should strive to leave a positive impression on your audience.

The only irritating thing about Twitch is their interrupted ads, which are not blocked by Twitch extension.

However, your offline screen is just as crucial as your live broadcasts are. When you're not live, viewers see your offline screen, an opportunity to present your brand, interact with your audience, and make an impact.

This comprehensive article will show you how to customize your Twitch offline screen so that you can draw visitors to your channel even when you aren't live-streaming.

What Is a Twitch Offline Screen?

Let's first discuss the Twitch Offline Screen and why it's essential for your channel before getting into the specifics of modifying it.

A Twitch Offline Screen, sometimes called an "Offline Image" or "Offline Banner," is the picture or graphic viewers see while they aren't currently streaming on the platform.

When you are not online, it acts as a stand-in for your channel, supplying your viewers with important content and enjoyment.

Why Does Your Offline Screen Matter?

Let's talk about the importance of your offline screen for your Twitch channel before we go into the how-to portion.

Branding and Recognition

Your offline screen serves as a brand extension. It's a chance to strengthen your channel's identity and let viewers recognize it immediately.

A consistent branding strategy might encourage viewers to remember and revisit your channel.


A compelling offline screen can keep visitors watching your channel even when you're not live.

It can include connections to your social media accounts, information about your streaming schedule, and requests for subscribers or followers.


An offline screen with good design exudes attention and professionalism.

It demonstrates your concern for your channel's aesthetics and dedication to offering a top-notch viewing experience.


You can advertise forthcoming events, products, or collaborations on your offline screen.

It's a useful setting for channel promotion and generating interest. Now that you know its significance, let's look at how to alter your offline screen.

How to Change Your Offline Screen on Twitch?

On Twitch, changing your offline screen is a simple procedure. Here is a detailed how-to.

Step 1- Create Your Offline Screen

You must first have an offline screen prepared before you may change it. You may use graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Canva to make your offline screen.

Ensure it embodies your brand and has crucial details like your streaming schedule and social media links.

Step 2- Log into Your Twitch Account

Visit the Twitch website ( and enter your login information to access your account.

Step 3- Access Your Creator Dashboard

After logging in, select your profile by clicking the symbol in the top right corner of the page.

Go to the dropdown menu and choose "Creator Dashboard."

Step 4- Navigate to the "Settings" Tab

On the left sidebar of the Creator Dashboard, there are numerous tabs.

To access your channel settings, click on the "Settings" tab.

Step 5- Customize Your Offline Screen

Scroll to the "Channel" section under the "Settings" tab.

There is a choice here called "Offline Image/Video." Toggle this option on.

Step 6- Upload Your Offline Screen

You can upload an image or a video for your offline screen in the "Offline Image/Video" area.

The file you prepared in Step 1 should be selected when you click the "Upload" button.

Step 7- Adjust Settings (Optional)

For example, you can customize your offline screen settings on Twitch by turning on chat and follower alerts.

Adapt these choices to suit your preferences.

Step 8- Save Changes

You can update your offline screen by scrolling down and selecting "Save Changes" after you've uploaded your offline screen and made any necessary modifications.

Viewers will see your new offline screen from this point forward while you are not live.

Tips for an Effective Offline Screen

Here are some additional suggestions to help you maximize your offline screen.

Keep It Simple

While displaying your identity is crucial, keep your offline screen free of clutter and information.

Keep it simple to read and neat.

Include Important Information

Include critical information on your offline screen, such as your streaming schedule, social network connections, and ongoing promotions or events.

Use High-Quality Graphics

Use top-notch graphics and photos to make your offline screen aesthetically appealing.

A polished appearance can significantly alter things.

Update It Regularly

Avoid letting your offline screen get boring. When your channel, schedule, or promotions change, update it accordingly.

Test It

Test your offline screen on several devices and sizes before permanently setting it up.


On Twitch, your offline screen may be a powerful marketing, engagement, and branding tool.

By following the directions in this comprehensive guide, you can rapidly change your offline screen to make an impression on your readers.

If you want to keep your Twitch channel looking polished and interesting even when you're not online, keep it straightforward. Make sure to include the necessary details and update it frequently.