Chinese manufacturers are increasingly surprised by their innovation in the two wheel world.Now, we show an electric autonomous motorcycle named DaVinci DC100 created by DaVinci dynamics. It has a revolutionary and futuristic appearance and can pick you up wherever you need it.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit official website.

DaVinci describes the DC100 as a "two wheeled robot" because it is equipped with a large number of complex electronic sensors, and its function is to maintain the safety and efficiency of the electric motorcycle at the highest possible level.With the exception of the DC100 motor and battery, all these systems are located under a huge shell, making it a sense of the future.

DaVinci DC100 is equipped with a variety of sensors to maintain safety and efficiency, so it can detect its position and inclination relative to the ground to maintain balance.All these technologies allow motorcycles to follow their owners.In addition, it also has a single arm tilt and an LED front panel to provide a very avant-garde image, just like Batman's bike.

DaVinci DC100 provides first-class performance.Surprisingly, its battery capacity is 17.7 kWh and it can drive 400 kilometers autonomously.Its 137 HP motor produces a maximum torque of 625 LB ft, enabling it to travel at a top speed of 200 km / h in 3 seconds and accelerate from zero to 100 km / h at an amazing speed in 3 seconds.

Its charging speed is also an advantage.Moreover, despite its enrome battery, the Da Vinci DC100 can be fully charged in 30 minutes and reach a charging rate of 85% in 15 minutes.

It is also equipped with regenerative brakes to charge the battery when braking or using the engine brakes.In order to control the motorcycle, a driving assistance system is integrated to allow safe driving at low speed and control the power output.

DaVinci DC100 will be completely controlled by smart phones. Thanks to an application, we can turn on and off the vehicle without a key and ask the motorcycle to pick us up at a specific time.DaVinci has ensured that the updated and autonomous driving system will be available soon.

The company has installed a driving assistance function to allow soft start and ensure operability at low speeds.Like a car, the driver can select position D in the transmission, although in this case, it can make the motorcycle move automatically at a speed of 7 km / h.