Okay, so I didn't cry. However, I was quite mad. I had predicted that the 138 combat calculations would prevail. So so far, I'm right. Today on OSRS Gold February 15th, at EST, the 71 percent to 29% win percentage for the calculation of 138 combat is in place. The most troubling part? It's being won to serve a variety of ill-conceived purposes. The reason for this is that the current method is better than the old one in every aspect.

It is important to examine Runescape's beginnings to understand why. Like most people, Runescape began as quite a different game than it is today. Mixture of 2d/3d graphics, slower speed of movement, and an entirely modern combat system. Players today tend to imagine Runescape's original combat system as a three-hit combat system. That means that you must take three hits from your opponent before retreating. This is in contrast to Runescape 2 3, 3 and 3, in which you can run away whenever it is convenient for you. However, the differences in combat lie farther than three hit combat.

Melee was the most popular type of combat used in the original video game. The reason is that magic and ranged were largely underdeveloped. Ranged was a completely undeveloped style. Ranged had very little in the way of range armor, and was rarely used in PvP. Magic had similar disadvantages. If a person is unable to cast a spell, it would take 20 minutes for them to cast it again.

Magic was also tough to master; the absence of Runecrafting skill made runes expensive. While magic gained some credibility as the god spells were released, magic for the most part was just a complement to Cheap Old School RS Gold melee. Runescape Classic Attack (and Strength) were the preferred choice in combat calculation over Ranged and Magic.