Comfortable, for friends with myopia, having a comfortable pair of glasses frame is very necessary. The round tortoise shell glasses frame is convenient to wear, and when sweating in the summer, the frame will not scratch and there will be no marks on the bridge of the nose when worn frequently. This is also one of the reasons why many friends like tortoiseshell frames.


Traditional metal cheap eyeglasses near me and plastic glasses have many allergies, and tortoiseshell glasses can effectively solve this problem. And the tortoiseshell frame is very lightweight.


People's love inspires our innovation. Retro and trendy, hawksbill frames are no longer just myopia and presbyopia glasses. The new generation of young people only wears frames without lenses, and they can wear them with personality and fashion. Although sunglasses are fashionable, they hide the most beautiful eyes. The sunglasses near me are the same style, showcasing your beauty from the inside out.


The hawksbill frame has no age or gender limit, and there are many styles and colors, so there is always one that suits you. Fashionable, sophisticated, delicate, and cute, wear your own style.


Introduction to the maintenance of tortoiseshell glasses:


  1. Avoid colliding with hard objects to avoid scratches and breakage;


  1. Avoid contact with acid and alkaline liquids;


  1. Avoid soaking in hot water, otherwise the hawksbill earrings will become soft and deformed (this is the main method to identify genuine and fake Haibao scale armor jewelry);


  1. After use, please wipe it with a soft cloth and keep it properly;


  1. If worn for a long time, appropriate olive oil can be applied to maintain glossiness.