With improvements to passive support for all 10 available mechanics, it's time to explore how to make the most of Harvest PoE Divine Orbs. Harvest nodes are particularly well-suited for low-investment Poe currency maps as they offer substantial returns on investment. Planting yellow Harvest crops can be highly profitable since there is a never-ending demand for them in the game. Harvest nodes simply enhance the loot you acquire rather than altering the encounters. It's crucial to remember that you must connect all Harvest nodes together to maximize your rewards.

Rewards of Running Level 16 Maps

The rewards of running level 16 maps with Harvest primarily focus on the chance to encounter Tier 4 bosses. When encountering the Harvest encounter, there's a 1% chance to get Tier 4 monsters, 3 chances for Tier 3 monsters (each with a 25% chance), and 8 chances for Tier 2 monsters (each with a 75% chance). Tier 1 monsters aren't worth killing as they drop almost no Lifeforce, Tier 2 monsters drop around 15 Lifeforce, Tier 3 monsters drop 45 Lifeforce, and Tier 4 monsters drop roughly 250 Lifeforce.

It's also worth noting that the variation in Harvest rewards with map tier is smaller than you might imagine. The quantity on the map only applies to semi-effective Harvest monsters, while pack size affects fully effective monsters. The item quantity added by the Altar of Ascendancy applies to Harvest, but the quantity caused by Delirium does not.

Forcing Harvest on Maps can be challenging, but there are two ways to get a 100% chance. The first is to find a map with a hidden area containing Sacred Groves, which can be sold by Keurig or drop from the Shadow Shaped passive on the passive tree. The second is to use a Charged Compass or Sealed Six-Link with a map containing Sacred Groves, which takes around 18 Chaos each charge.

Building Harvest Clusters on the Atlas

When building Harvest clusters on the Atlas, the Call of the Grove node is the first one to be occupied. It increases the chances of getting Sacred Groves, with three small nodes repeating this effect but spread across the other three points. By traversing the path nodes, this cluster can increase your chances of getting a Sacred Grove encounter by 30 times.

Collect Nodes and Build the Right Clusters on the Atlas

In Path of Exile, Harvest is a great way to obtain items and Lifeforce, and with the improvements in the 3.20 update, its effects are even better. By connecting all Harvest nodes and building the correct clusters on the Atlas, you can maximize your rewards and make the most of Harvest.

There are several node clusters that can be used to increase the loot obtained from Harvest.

The first one is the Pincer Cluster. This cluster increases the chances of encountering Harvest encounters and adds to the quantity of Lifeforce. While not mandatory, it's highly valuable relative to the points it costs.

Next up is the Inwards Duplication Season Cluster. This cluster has a 10% chance to duplicate Harvest monsters, adds 9% Lifeforce, and reduces the chance for purple and blue plants to grow by 45%. Even without the Atlas passives, this cluster is excellent, and if you go for Atlas passives, it's slightly weaker.

The Agency Cluster is a must-have for any Harvest setup. It increases the chances of restraining Sacred Groves by 5% and has a total of 45% chance to reduce the growth chance of purple and blue plants. This cluster is excellent for trading as yellow crops are more valuable than purple and blue ones. Overall, the expected value of Harvest is estimated to increase by 12.5%.

The Heart of the North in the Grove Cluster is interesting because small nodes outperform the large node. It increases the chance of Tier 3 plants appearing by 60%, while small nodes increase the chance to contain Tier 3 plants by 10%. Getting all three of these nodes will increase your chance of Tier 3 plants appearing from 13 out of 43 to an estimated 21% multiplier to the number of Tier 3 plants you obtain.

Finally, the Growth's Tribes and the Path of the Wandering are both options to change the mechanics of the entire Atlas. If the assumption of current map pack size is correct, Growth's Tribes are excellent as they are a multiplier to the quantity of Harvest loot. If you're not playing an Atlas setup that can superjuice the Atlas, the Path of the Wandering is more questionable, but if you are, that's great as it increases the chance to get Sacred Growth from trees.


In conclusion, Harvest is a valuable mechanic in Path of Exile that can be optimized for maximum rewards by connecting all Harvest nodes and building the right clusters on the Atlas. This strategic approach can significantly enhance your Harvest experience and lead to better outcomes in the game. Repeated farming Gold is a very boring thing, if you want to get a lot of Divine Orbs as soon as possible, then you can Buy PoE Divine Orbs from rpgstash.com to complete the build or upgrade quickly.