Satan، To dream about satan addresses amazing controlling pessimism. Exceptionally solid apprehensions, outrage, avarice, or insidiousness that absolutely controls you. It might likewise mirror a contrary individual or circumstance that feels unpreventable or is deliberately harming you. Feeling that a person or thing at no point ever needs you to feel great again. Extremely durable negative circumstances. Feeling reviled until the end of time. Super durable desire that feels deliberately forced on you. 
Satan in a fantasy might reflect one of your most exceedingly awful issues. Something that keeps you in perspective that feels like damnation. An amazing torturing issue or dread. 
To see Satan in your fantasy signifies that there is something extremely off-base in your life that you need to confront or fix. You might be deciding to for all time languish by never asking over help. 
Then again, Satan might mirror your own satisfaction or unquenchable need to hurt others. Feeling great attempting to for all time keep another person away from satisfaction. 
Model: A 16 year-old little fellow longed for seeing Satan sitting on a privileged position with dead trees at his sides. In cognizant existence he was excellent looking and unexpectedly fostered a sickness that made his hair drop out. He felt that his life was finished and that he would for all time be a revolting washout who might never be glad each again. 
Model 2: Giuseppi Tartini envisioned that the Devil came to him in his rest, sat on the finish of his bed, and played the violin for what ultimately turned into the melodic piece "The Devil's Trill Sonata." For this situation the Devil playing the music might have mirrored Tartini's sensations of complete humiliation that God or "something different" was uncovering itself to be behind the entirety of his motivation and melodic ability and that Tartini wasn't actually pretty much as skilled as he believed of himself to be. The Devil was then Tartini's sentiments regarding how regrettable it felt to accept he would at no point ever have faith in himself being truly capable again in light of the fantasy. 
Model 3: A lady longed for hearing the name "Fiend" and subtly contemplating Hitler when cops came dependent upon her to illuminate her that an idea control machine had guessed what she might be thinking and found her contrasting the Devil with Hitler. In cognizant existence she was living in Nazi Germany under the expanding harsh laws of the Nazi system. 
Model 4: A lady longed for seeing a child with fallen angel eyes. In cognizant existence she was pregnant and was starting to ponder the pregnancy all things considered. The super durable need to grow up and carry on with her whole life in an adult manner might have felt terrifying to her or that the child could at no point ever permit her to appreciate being youthful again. 
Model 5: A lady imagined that her girl was Satan. In cognizant existence she was living in her youth home with her significant other. This youth home was where she was physically manhandled as a kid. She felt that the house was underhanded in light of the fact that she felt compelled to live in it with her better half because of funds. Satan for this situation might have mirrored her sentiments about the house being reviled or evil. Sentiments about the home deliberately compelling her to live in the torture of recalling her past.