Smoky quartz is available in a range of colors, including grey, brown, and black. Brown is the only color variant available for the stunning gemstone known as smoked quartz. There are also a few uncommon brown gemstones, such as black icon beryl, brown corundum, and topaz icon topaz. The majority of early lapidaries did not classify smoky quartz as a separate mineral in antiquity. It is also known as Scotland's national gemstone and has a variety of practical uses, including jewelry ornamentation and usage in kilt pins, shoulder brooches, and Highland dress. Around 300 B.C., smoky quartz was first extracted from the Scottish CairnGorm Mountains. This priceless jewel has a connection to Scottish Highlander tradition. This stone is said to become potent when worn with the 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. The stone has been loved and cherished throughout time and the Smoky Quartz Jewelry has been trendy.

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