The gaming company looked for FUT 22 Coins the big details all the way down to the smallest details such as how a full-back strikes the ball with their laces, to how a playmaker instinctively glances over their shoulders prior to receiving a ball.

Gareth Eaves (senior animation director at EA), led the session via remote. "Ultimately real-world realism leads to better games." "We have wanted to do it for a long time but the technology had not been available."

EA typically employs optical capture, actors, and sometimes a star footballer like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo to make new animations. However, it is a tiny space that can only accommodate one or two players at a time , making it difficult to strike the ball in a fast pace or ping moves from one side to the other. FIFA animators have made limited areas of motion-captured motion such as keepie-uppies and one-on-ones with dribbles into flowing moves that mimic eleven-aside games.

The cameras have been removed. The motion capture stage was discarded. Only the Xsens suits remain left. "One problem had been the issue of drift. We'd be able to tell the joint position of players relative to one another, but not relative to a specific point in space," Eaves explains.

This meant that players could play around, and then come back to their starting point just ten meters away. The game changer from EA is a local positioning system. Instead of GPS satellites, LPS beacons were dotted all over the field, along with motion sensors strapped to cheap FIFA 22 Coins players chests.