In WOW TBC Classic, it is not easy for players to obtain the Netherdrake mount. Players must be in the Burning Crusade Classic domain and have a level 70 character to complete the mission of Void Wings. Flying is not available on the WoW Classic Era server. To complete the mission line, the player must have basic flying skills and flying mounts, because the player needs to talk to the dragon Neltharaku that hovered above the valley.

In the future stage, players need flying skills to reach the Void Wings ledge that opens daily missions, and players need epic flying skills to truly compete in the WOW TBC Gold competition of reward factions. To ride it after getting the mount, the player also needs to make an epic flight. In order to complete the one-time mission line provided on the Voidwings platform, players need to announce a faction in Shattrath, because a mission requires the player to defend the base of the faction chosen by the player in Shadowmoon Valley.

The prestige quest starts at Modenay in Shadowmoon Valley. Thanks to the recent patch, players will find Modenay wandering in an area with rock predators and orcs in the southeast corner of Shadowmoon Valley, between the Temple of the Stars and the Dragonmaw Fortress. The first mission opens at level 70. Doing quests with him will allow players to begin to gain the reputation of the Voidwing faction. The player starts with Hated, and the player needs Exalted to get one of these gorgeous mounts.

If the player has completed the introductory quest line, the player should receive a quest that will send the player to a floating island in the southeast corner of the area. Once there, the player will receive a series of one-off tasks that will result in daily repetitive tasks. Each mission will reward prestige, and at each major prestige level, players will open more access to one-time and daily missions, so the higher the level the player gets, the faster the prestige will be polished.

When the Burning Crusade Classic Gold player reaches Exalted Reputation, the player will get a Netherdrake color for free. Buying any of the others will cost the player 200 gold coins. If players are worried about the lack of WOW TBC Gold in TBC Classic, MMOWTS will solve all your worries. They provide all players with the cheapest WOW TBC Gold on the market.