Check out the Heavy Duty Continous Motion Autoload Cartoner - HD-CMA cartoning bottles at 200 ppm! This horizontal cartoner features servos on all major actuated components. The end load cartoner is seen here running production.

Outstanding Servo Technology

The use of cutting-edge servo technology is one of the primary aspects that distinguishes the HD-CMA from the competition. In contrast to ordinary cartoners, this engineering marvel includes servos into all major actuation components. The end result is unrivalled precision, speed, and dependability.

Unleashing the Servo's Potential

The use of servos ensures that the HD-CMA's movements are accurate and controlled. From product loading to carton forming and sealing, these servos ensure smooth operations with a near-zero margin of error. In the fast-paced world of packing, where efficiency and consistency are crucial, this level of accuracy is critical.

Seeing Perfection at Work

Seeing is believing, and the HD-CMA delivers in that sense. This end load cartoner may be seen in all its grandeur in the following production video. The constant motion assures a continual flow of bottles into cartons, producing a mesmerising ballet of efficiency and productivity.

Advancing Innovation

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