The next October 19 You will be launching in physical and digital format the animated film of injustice . It is an adaptation of the video game of the same name created by Netherrealm Studios, And usually, it is considered by the fans as one of the best stories of DC Comics. Sadly, it seems that the animated feature film He could not recreate this sensation.

The previous thing we say it because the film was already filtered on the Internet, and of course, many people took advantage of it. Unfortunately, those who saw it assure that it is very bad.

Injustice is one of the worst DC animated films.

What they did with Wonder Woman, Flash and even Harley Quinn is more than weird. Delete Black Canary from the beginning stunk the whole movie and felt the absence of her while he saw her.

This film should never exist.


What they Did with Wonder Woman, Flash & Even Harley Was Beyond Weird. The Black Canary Erasure Stained This Movie from The Beginning & I Felt Her Absence of Ella When I Was Watching.

This Movie Simply Shouldn t exist.

  • Dimitri (@dianatheeprince) October 9, 2021

It is worth noting that, once the film is officially launch, we will have receptions much more accurate about its quality. Ed Boon , Co-Creator of Netherrealm , will be present during the DC Fandome this October 16 To talk more about this film, although many believe that he will also talk about Injustice 3.

Editor s note : It is certainly rare that this movie has had such a bad reception between the fans who already saw it, because the history of the video game is one of the most acclaimed of DC Comics. We will have to wait to see her by the same, but I honestly hope it is not as bad as they say.

Via: Gamerevolution

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