Power Sprayer is agricultural and landscaping equipment used to spray fertilizers on plants, grasses, creepers and shrubs. Using this power sprayer can increase the productivity of crops to a large extent. Users can use it in the field to spray pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, etc. Its creative applications rarely include car washes, bicycles, etc.

Before use, please wear protective equipment to ensure the safety of workers. Hats, protective glasses, protective masks, protective gloves, earplugs, protective clothing, work shoes, etc. Control masks are sold as masks. Compared with conventional masks, it is a bit stuffy, but it is safe because it reduces the risk of pesticides entering the oral cavity when the pesticides rebound. You can also put down your safety glasses because pesticides will get into your eyes.

When spraying, from upwind to downwind, it is best to work in the morning and evening without temperature rise. After getting off work, wash your clothes and body thoroughly, and rinse your mouth. To avoid damaging the health of the medicine, please spray the medicine near the crops and avoid the wind.

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