The last thing most people want when watching a video is the feeling that they are listening to a textbook they are reading. If your voice voices for text to speech is hard or dull, video completion rates tend to be lower.


Type the voiceover text as if you were talking to someone or writing a dialogue. Don't worry about writing "perfectly" with elaborate words or metaphors. Someone wants to make this sound natural and real. So say it out loud. And you write to see where you hear it. You can modify it at any time after that.


Make sure the subject matches the tone of the desired scenario.

Different scripts text text to speech voice will of course have different scripts. It is important to make sure the tone matches your chosen theme.


For example, an advertisement for a nonprofit that links victims of domestic violence with a bona fide counselor who does not wish to use the term. "An interesting opportunity," albeit technically feasible.


Another example is a mortgage company that creates a video explaining to potential customers the process of buying a home. If you use words like "warranty" they may not be familiar to first time buyers. Give a simple definition to your video, it is important to reach the target audience. If you are creating content targeting real estate agents. You do not need to define any terms.


Write clearly

The script speech text to speech copy must be clean and legible. Undoubtedly, the sentence is literal or figurative. Sentences should be relatively simple. Paragraphs and ideas should be short and easy to separate.


A good goal in copywriting is to communicate your ideas in as few words as possible.


Make sure there is no doubt about what is happening in the audio narration. The audience will be confused. Who is "it" in this case: Brian or Jeremy? How to make sentences more clear


Use a simple organizational model to move from one idea to another. And make the changes visible


Please note:

Active vs Passive (more on that below)

command to execute

Unclear meaning, tense or sentence structure

Complex sentence structure

The idea is too long or too complex

monotonous thinking

You should skip or include another video if it does not fit the main topic.