Institutional Affiliation Human Resources: The Country of Japan

Nowadays Japan is one of the most powerful and economically developed countries in the world. That is because of its unique management model, which has been developed since the end of the Second World War. Among the factors, which differentiate the Japanese model of management from the rest of the world, are ways of decision-making, quality-oriented production, management based on information and data collecting, and of course, engagement of the advances in technology. To proof this idea, we should take into comparison the management models in three countries: China, Japan, and the USA. Despite the widespread opinion about the similarity of these three models of business operating, we can notice some controversies. In Japan, collective decision-making prevails, while, in the other two countries, either individual decision-making (mainly in the USA) or decision-making by committees (in China) is more widespread. This means that management model in Japan is person-oriented. Thus, each member of the organization can influence the operations within the organization, as well as increase its productivity. This principle forms the group motivation within the employees, which is more effective than individual motivation. As a result, to become a qualified and helpful employee, one must have an excellent command in a team work.

In the area of organizing out of the three countries, Japan is the most well-known for its common organization culture and philosophy. Moreover, Japan is an extremely competitive country. It usually strives to overcome its peers by constantly increasing progress in technological development.

It goes without saying that the main goal of the Japanese economy today is to increase its productivity rate. We can distinguish several methods of succeeding such as cooperation with other countries, expansion of its markets abroad, becoming the member of international organizations, intensification of productivity by increasing the number of workers and improvement the equipment, etc.

Summing up all facts written above, it can be stated that Japan has all the necessary resources to become the leader in the field of production. However, the country is still excessively oriented on its own population rather than on the rest of the world. Therefore, the country is to become more culturally sensitive. In other words, Japan should take into account the needs and considerations not only of its citizens, but also people from countries all over the world and try to do its best to satisfy their needs.

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