However, having said that, the Madden 21 coins option files which are available make it so in ace. Getting to play with a modern day game with these players was so mint.Its exactly the same if you encourage any of the world's big teams,you can download the alternative files that give you all of the correct kits and line-ups, and ALSO download documents that give you historical line ups.There's an argument that EA is doing it very right with FIFA because they're putting out minimal effort
yet reaping maximal reward. And I totally agree with you. It is a disappointment when you're able to tell the dev's objective would be to turn the biggest profit and not to make the very best game.None of this matters if there's no reasonable option.At this time if you would like to play a soccer match, your only options are this year's Madden, or even a previous version of Madden.Nothing from the fledgling world is anywhere as fun.

What we need is a PES-style alternative that would allow you to upload your own teams, unis, and players.Seriously at this point if you purchase an EA game you deserve to get scammed. For the past almost five years now they have proven again and again they release games and load them with DLC/lootboxes.

Why give a company like that cash? I guarantee there is literally hundreds of different games out there that are better created and more enjoyable.Its exactly what all of us Sega fanboys knew was going to happen when EA shut out Sega and Visual Concepts from the NFL licence.I don't know how EA hasn't been able to follow the free to perform battle royale version and only put out a"free" Madden and constantly update it with"battle passes" and other events. Those games create a lot of money and they'd rake it in with Madden. It blows me away that they have not completed it yet considering EA does so with Apex Legends.

Because by releasing a brand new game every year they effectively reset all of the advancement of ultimate team their big money maker. So every year that they get sales and all the money from coins and packs on supreme team.If there's 1 thing The Last of Us 2 educated me, it is that ultra low user scores on Metacritic mean jack . Never played Madden in my entire life, never cared for this, bu a 0.4 user score on Metacritic does not mean"lots of fans are disappointed", it means"a group of pissy manbabies bombed the match with 0/10 testimonials".