After the baby is born, the resistance and immunity are relatively low, so when the parents can't take care of it, it is very prone to colds, runny nose and other phenomena. Especially when there is a runny nose, many parents will use a nasal aspirator for the baby, so can a two-month-old baby use a nasal aspirator to inhale the nose? How old is the nasal aspirator for babies?

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It is generally not recommended to use a nasal aspirator for two-month-old babies. Although nasal aspirators are used to clean the nasal cavity of infants and young children, the quality of nasal aspirators on the market today is uneven, and many parents’ The method of use is incorrect. A little carelessness may touch the inner membrane of the baby's nasal cavity and cause injury. In severe cases, it may also cause nosebleeds and cause inflammation of the nasal cavity. uv sanitizer box

Because the two-month baby's own resistance is relatively poor, and the mucous membrane in the nasal cavity is also very fragile, it is not recommended that parents use a nasal aspirator for their children at this time. If a two-month-old baby has a cold and runny nose, it is recommended that parents drink more warm water for the child. If there is a nose, use a small piece of toilet paper roll. The length should not be too short, so it is easy to take it out, and then stuff it in The nostrils roll out the nasal mucus, remember that the action at this moment must be gentle.

As the baby grows up, the pen-aspirator can come in handy. It is generally recommended to use the nasal aspirator for the baby after five months, and the frequency should not be too high, otherwise it will be very easy. Cause harm to the baby's nasal cavity.