As some speak out 2K22 MT and others have been intimidated into silence by the scammers, who told the victims that they would "get zero" for speaking up. P.TV got a picture of Raangee giving a victim a copy of a conversation with Rack. He asserts that Rack will not compensate them if they talk about the matter.

You can view the NBA 2K League teams play on PS5 and take part in fan-run tournaments online. We're excited to announce that we have partnered with the NBA 2K League, making PS5 the official console for the NBA 2K League. The players will be able view all 23 NBA 2K League teams as also 138 players play on PS5 during games and events.

And the partnership doesn't end there! Our multi-year agreement with the NBA 2K League will allow fans from across the world, members of our community to be a part of online fan tournaments that are held all through the year. These tournaments will be accompanied by the NBA 2K League's associated prizing. We are happy to announce that our first online fan event will take place in the coming week! Beginning now, PS5 players located in the United States will be able to sign up for an online Three for All Showdown Qualifier tournament. The event will be held from starting on Monday, April 5, through Tuesday, April 6.

The online qualifier winner will have the opportunity take part in a 3-on-3 match with influentials Troydan and PoorBoySin as part of the 2nd annual NBA 2KL Three for All Showdown competition. The event will run starting on April 9th, 2015, at 5:00 PM Pacific Time / Saturday, April 10, at 8:00 PM Eastern Time on the NBA 2K League Twitch and YouTube channels. It's an exciting time to Buy NBA 2K22 MT be part of the NBA 2KL Three for All Showdown, that will feature NBA 2K League and WNBA players, as and social media influencers competing in "The City" mode for a shot at the $25,000 USD prize pot!