More than a year ago, World of Warcraft Classic was released online. In less than a year, the release of Classic servers tripled the number of subscriptions to World of Warcraft, reaching its peak in 2010, with 12 million active users.

Blizzard asked fans for their opinions on Burning Crusade servers, so they sent a survey report. As the first expansion of World of Warcraft, it brings players a broken outer world. In the beginning, we introduced it as the hometown of the orcs and draenei, and later introduced new playable races. This is why World of Warcraft Classic uses Crusade servers.

The WOW Classic Gold For Sale first expansion of World of Warcraft is Burning Crusade, so it exists as one of the few updates that will not change the game itself, but only expand on the original game. The entire vanilla world has been affected by the war, and World of Warcraft also has a huge time contradiction. Because of this catastrophe, the players started their journey from time and space to Outland, to Northrend, where they killed the Lich King, and finally returned to the beginning of time.

The Burning Crusade has made changes to the game outside of Outland, but it is definitely not intrusive, and it does not affect the order of time. Alliance and tribe players can either choose to participate in a race, or they can exist as an independent profession, such as the Cheap WOW Classic Gold alliance's paladin and the tribe's shaman army. The blood elven tribe is very popular, so it can alleviate the faction imbalance on many servers and make the races look harmonious. The early dynamic world PvP of World of Warcraft was destroyed by racial discrimination.Do you play World of Warcraft because you are bored or do you want to achieve something in the game? So what can MMOWTS bring us? Do you need a lot of WOW Classic Gold? This is exactly what this website can provide us.