We've compiled a list of the top 12 video on demand platform providers. Discover which are the best VOD streaming software companies and which are the most popular VOD solutions for building a successful VOD platform.

Consider your daily routine: how many video-on-demand platforms do you subscribe to, and how many more can you think of?

The real-time streaming of video and audio content, combined with the entry of major players into countries all over the world, has skyrocketed the market value for video on demand solutions.

When compared to static revenue folds, interactive video viewing is bound to generate twice as much revenue. With this interactivity, such as sharing in social hubs, various quizzes, and so on, businesses are now able to produce at par lead generation that provides real value!

that's why...

The most recent report increases video-on-demand viewing by 155 percent year after year! 

When you choose a streaming service provider to create your brand-personalized platform, you will have more power to grant features, USPs, and other benefits to simply provide various user options, increasing flexibility.

With advanced video management tools and hosting solutions, you can power your VOD streaming service platform with a perfect SaaS solution. Get flexible deployment options from on-demand platform providers, who can help you have it on-premises or on cloud servers.

Because the online threat environment has been critical in these difficult times, it is critical to safeguard your valuable videos with a perfect robust secure streaming solution. 

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