The straightforward answer is indeed, however in case you're hoping to check whether your present distributors are appropriate for hand sanitiser gel then you might have to really take a look at a couple of things first,

as you could harm them over the long haul or they may not work effectively. Peruse on so you don't commit that error.

There are models of cleanser container that are made to house both fluid cleanser and liquor based consumables, without the need to change any parts.

Thus, the container you have may as of now be furnished to manage both. Some can just take fluid cleanser on the grounds that the internal parts and valves are just appropriate for this, as liquor might harm the materials of specific containers. There are additionally ones that main take frothing cleanser.

Nonetheless, a few models of cleanser distributor have diverse internal tanks yet a similar external packaging, which means you can trade the tanks and valves to suit different cleansers.

For instance you might have a Cleanflow 1500ml Lever Operated Liquid Soap and Hydroalcoholic Gel Dispenser which can exchange between froth cleanser, fluid cleanser/liquor gel or shower by changing only the inner parts and siphons, not changing the full unit.

Thus, you must be mindful so as to ensure you have the right materials and valve in the unit with the goal that it initially will apportion the right cleanser/gel, yet additionally will not harm the unit over the long haul.

So what would it be advisable for you to check out for mass cleanser containers that work with liquor?

The valves and internal tanks ought to be adequately safe to work with liquor as it is more destructive than typical cleanser.

The existence season of the siphon utilizing ordinary cleanser will consistently be longer than utilizing liquor containing fluids and gels, yet the siphon ought to be adequately safe to build the life span of the unit.

In the event that the inward tank is effectively variable you may just have to transform it without the need to change the whole allocator – setting aside you cash in the long haul.

You should ensure you know the model of allocator you have however with the goal that you can coordinate the right internals.

The material of the tank ought to be made of plastics that are not degradable by any contact with liquor.

This is only an ideal, however the tank ought to be given a (removable) cover, so that there is no way of vanishing of the liquor.

This implies you can remove the cover when you utilize fluid cleanser and set it back on with liquor based items.

The Cleanflow 900ml Bulk Fill Liquid Soap and Alcohol Gel Dispenser has an open tank for when you utilize fluid cleanser, for simplicity of filling,

however it comes total with a cover you can put on top of the tank when you use liquor gel.

Like the Cleanflow 1000ml Bulk Fill Push Button Liquid Soap Dispenser a few allocators will as of now have a shut tank so this shouldn't be an issue on the off chance that you have the wide range of various things right.

In case you are uncertain if your present cleanser container is appropriate for hand sanitizer or liquor gel then, at that point,

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