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The staggering reality is 24.7 million people aged 40+ and older will develop cataracts. By the age of 70+, the number rises to half of the population in the United State. Cataracts are classified by the degree of clouding of the lens or by the cause of the Cataract. A human eye has two parts one is the anterior part another is the posterior part. The central part of the lens is called the lens nucleus and the outer part is called the lens capsule. Clouding of the lens only occurs in the nucleus. If losing the clarity of the lens is primarily adjacent to the capsule. An Eye Cataract Clinic Phoenix offers cataract treatment which is completely safe and quick. You should understand different types of Cataracts. 

  • Nuclear Cataracts: It is one of the most common cataractsThe lens or nucleus starts to harden and turns yellow. It can result in difficulty in seeing areas with poor light and also make driving difficult. 
  • Cortical Cataracts: This type of cataract forms from the outside edge of the lens and grows inward. It causes halos and glare, especially when driving at night or in rain. It causes issues with both near and distance vision. Diabetes patients particularly are at high risk. 
  • Posterior Subcapsular Cataracts: This type of cataract is formed on the backside of the lens. People may notice halos and glare around lights and even smudge vision. Doctors said that it develops faster as compared to other types of cataracts and seen in those patients who are diabetics and who take oral steroids. 
  • Congenital Cataracts: Cataract affects people as they age and there are cases where some babies are born with this. This is due to genetic issues or illness of the mother when had pregnant. The doctor removes the blocking of the baby’s vision, leading to amblyopia. 
  • Radiation Cataracts:  Ultraviolet rays can be the cause of radiation cataracts. People who spend lots of time outside have received radiation could develop cataracts as a result. 
  • Traumatic Cataracts: A cataract is also caused by an eye injury to an eye. These injuries can include blunt and sharp trauma. 


What Actual Facts You Should Know About Cataracts 

  • A cataract is the clouding of the lens in an eye. 
  • A cataract is common and most cataracts are the result of the old aging process. 
  • Though many cataracts are not only required treatment but the surgical procedure is usually safe and effective for the improvement of vision. 
  • Surgery should be performed when there is a visual loss and influences the lifestyle of an individual.



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