A GSM (Grams per Square Meter) Round Cutter is a specialized tool used in industries related to textiles, paper, and other materials where the weight or thickness of a sheet material is crucial for quality control and standardization. This GSM Machine is designed to precisely cut out circular samples of a specified diameter from a larger sheet or roll of material, allowing for accurate GSM measurement. In summary, a GSM Measurement Machine is a vital instrument in industries that rely on accurate measurements of material weight or thickness. It contributes to quality control, product consistency, and compliance with industry standards across various manufacturing sectors. The Paper GSM Tester designed by the experts at Presto has been made in accordance with industrial standards that make it easy for the manufacturers to cut the samples accurately. Presto offers high quality GSM Tester that has been designed with 4 built-in knives. By revolving the handle knob a quarter of a turn, the cutter produces a circular sample of 100 cm².


  1. Textile Industry: In textiles, GSM calculator machine are used to determine the weight of fabrics. This information is critical for ensuring fabric consistency and quality in clothing, upholstery, and other textile products.

  2. Paper and Printing Industry: In paper manufacturing and printing, these machines measure the GSM of paper, cardboard, or print substrates. This is essential for controlling paper quality and achieving consistent printing results.

  3. Plastics and Films: GSM measurement is valuable in the plastic film industry to determine film thickness, ensuring product consistency in applications like packaging materials.

  4. Non-Woven Fabrics: Non-woven materials, used in various applications like medical supplies and filtration, require GSM measurement for quality assurance.

  5. Quality Control: paper gsm checking machine are indispensable tools for quality control in manufacturing processes, allowing manufacturers to adhere to industry standards and produce consistent products.

  6. Research and Development: Researchers and product developers use GSM measurement machines to study and characterize materials for various applications.

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