First Look at the Self-Balancing Da Vinci DC100 Electric Motorcycle

If John Wick had an electric motorcycle, it would probably look something like the Da Vinci DC100. This bike combines the perfect balance of acceleration with maximum speed and battery range. The DC100 can be charged at any level 3 DC fast-charging stations with a complete charge taking just 30-minutes, thanks to its high energy density ternary lithium battery pack (17.7kWh). To get more news about davincidynamic, you can visit official website.
At $27,500 USD, the DC100 also doubles as a two-wheeled robot that is capable of sensing, calculating and executing. That’s right, it provides everything from the mechanical status to real-time riding feedback, providing impeccable performance in complete harmony with its rider. In the future, DC100’s robotic intelligence will be able to leverage self-balancing, auto follow, and smartphone remote control technologies. When connected to the vehicle’s control system, the Da Vinci App acts as both key and dashboard, which is essentially an all-in-one monitor that controls the motorcycle and shows real-time speed, battery, tire status as well as map / navigation functions. Shipments begin starting in July 2022.

Ganze 7 Jahre hat es gedauert, das Elektromotorrad zu entwickeln. Nun steht eine interessante Maschine bereit, die via OTA-Update mit einigen interessanten Features ergänzt werden soll, wie etwa eine App-basierte Fernbedienung. Zudem will der Hersteller den Code als Open Source bereitstellen. Derzeit lässt sich die DaVinci DC100 bereits für 27.000 US$ vorbestellen. Am Ende wird sie dann 90.000 US$ kosten. Ein ordentlicher Preis, der für ein smartes Hochleistungsmotorrad fällig wird.