Sony is a gadgets organization that produces something other than their well known PlayStation computer game control center. Sony contributes to numerous electronic gadgets, like compact music players, computerized cameras and TVs. Indeed, Sony has a whole line of Bravia top quality TVs accessible for procurement. Other than giving transmissions in 1080p goal, Sony Bravia highlight two HDMI ports, which proves to be useful when endeavoring to associate different gadgets to the TV. PCs Apple Macbooks explicitly - can associate with the Bravia utilizing HDMI links.

Stage 1

Interface a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI connector to the Macbook. To interface the Macbook to the Sony, you need to utilize HDMI links. Mac Macbooks don't contain any HDMI ports. The Macbook's Mini DisplayPort and a connector ought to be utilized all things considered. Join the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI connector into the accessible Mini DisplayPort.

Stage 2

Join the HDMI link with the connector. Utilizing the open finish of the Mini DisplayPort to HDMI connector, associate a HDMI link out of the dark space of the connector.

Stage 3

Associate a smaller than expected pin sound link to the Macbook. Supplement one finish of the smaller than expected pin sound link out from the dark sound/in space on the PC (3.5mm earphones additionally fit into the Macbook's sound/in opening).

Stage 4

Connect the Macbook to the Sony Bravia. Interface the open finish of the HDMI link (that is connected to the Macbook) into one of the HDMI "In" ports on the rear of the TV. Also, plug in the little pin sound link into the "PC/HDMI Audio In" space in the back of the Bravia.

Stage 5

Turn on the Macbook's presentation mode. Press the Macbook's "Fn" key and "F10" simultaneously to move the Macbook's presentation to the TV.

Stage 6

View the Macbook's presentation on the Bravia TV. Utilizing your remote, select the information button to change the TV input. Select the "HDMI 1" or "HDMI 2" yield to show the Macbbok's screen on the TV. When completed, disengage the HDMI link and sound link from both the Bravia and the Macbook.