If you are working on a textile firm then you should know the different types of Textile Testing Machines in 2021 there are so many technologies that changed over the past years.
What is Textile Testing?
Textile testing starts with textile fibers and goes all the way through to the final product. The same method followed by the Textile industries also ensures that the product quality is good before they launch goods into the market.

Different types of Textile Testing Machines

  1. pH Meter:- pH Meter is used to check the presence of water in clothThe pH of the processed textiles must be neutral and within the prescribed limits for particular end-use. The textiles with higher pH value may exhibit yellowing tendencies, create a change of shade upon storage and during shipment, resulting in poor dye pick up, patchy dyeing, and poor colour fastness. Very high and very low pH results in the degradation of textiles during storage and use may result in poor softness and harsh feel. Amith Garment Services is the most trusted pH Meters Manufacturers in India.
  2. GSM Testing Machine: - The GSM Tester can be widely used by textile industries to determine the GSM value (grams per square meter) of fabrics/fiber/yarn textile materials. High-quality GSM testing machines like GSM cutter, GSM cutter – round, GSM weighing balance, GSM pocket balance.
  3. Shrinkage Testing- Shrinkage is a change in dimensions across the length and width of the fabric after washing, usage, and when exposed to relaxing of fabrics. Mainly shrinkage is of two types one is minus shrinkage and the other is plus shrinkage. Skew (twisting of the vertical grains) is also observed along with shrinkage. Abnormal twisting is also considered non-conformity and this is done using a shrinkage testing machine.

  1. Color Matching Cabinet: - Color Matching Cabinet is used to determine the color fastness in the textile. Color Matching Cabinet booth is used for color evaluation. This plays an important role in the textile industry. This is where they decide the perfect color combination.
  2. Pantone Color Standard: - Pantone Color standard is used to maintain color consistency, brand identity, customized color standards in the textile, apparel, and home industry. 
          Pantone color Standards for the fashion/garment industry come in two material formats.
  • TCX – Cotton edition – Material used for Pantone color standards production is 100%  cotton
  • TPG – Paper edition- Material used for Pantone color standards production is 100% paper
  1. Fabric Strength Testing Machine: - Here we check the strength of the fabric i.e., how much load we can apply to the fabric. It is very important to check otherwise the fabric may tear from an outside force.
  2. Yarn Testing: - Yarn Testing Equipment is used to test the physical properties of yarn such as yarn tensile strength, elongation, unevenness & imperfections in yarn, yarn count, and assess any twists in yarn & CSP factor.
  3. Lab Dyeing Instruments: - This instrument is used for instant dying for fabric under laboratory conditions.
  4. Fabric Swatch Cutters: - The swatch cutting machine is widely used for cutting apparel, upholstery, household textile materials in zigzag pre-defined size based on the requirements.
  5. Fabric Inspection Machine: - Check and reviewing of partially finished raw material. Fabric Inspection Machine also checks whether they meet all the specifications or not like colors, shade, weight, unpleasant smell, appearance.

There are lots of instruments and machinery are manufactured for textile industries depend on the requirement of the industry Amith garment services provides the best machinery to their customers since 1999.