Boat Rental Nassau Bahamas is the capital of The Bahamas and makes up most of the island of New Providence. Approximately 70 percent of the total population of The Bahamas lives on this island alone and with just under 250,000 residents the city is always flowing with life. This popular tourist destination features beautiful sandy beaches, amazing turquoise water, and gorgeous weather that draws the attention of nearly two and tree million tourists each year.

Traveling to Nassau for the first time can be intimidating but with the help of this guide you will come to find that The Bahamas is one of the most relaxing and stress free places in the world. Begin your trip to paradise with this helpful and informative Nassau travel guide.


History - The Bahamas was originally inhabited by the Lucayans who sailed from Cuba and lived there for hundreds of years. When Christopher Columbus arrived in 1492 the Lucayans were soon sold and shipped to become slaves. Because of terrible farming soil The Bahamas were not much use for the Spanish and were soon abandoned. By the 1600's the islands became a center for pirates and most of the more famous pirates such as Blackbeard called them home. The English sought to regain the islands and in 1718 send Woodes Rogers to do the job. Soon after many wealthy entrepreneurs came to the island bringing slaves with them. When slave trade was abolished many of the slaves chose to stay and their descendants are what make up most of Nassau. When the Cuban embargo occurred The Bahamas became a hotspot for vacationers and the main industry soon became tourism.