5x5 Lace Closure Wig also called 5x5 lace front wig, is a human hair lace wig that is made of lace and 100% Remy human hair, and both of the length and width of the lace are 5 inches. 5x5 lace closure wig install can not only build a natural and beautiful hairline but also give you soft and breathable feeling after wore within affordable price. And how perfect is 5x5 Closure Wig? Let's see.


  1. Convenient to use

Building a new hairstyle always needs to take several hours. However, when you wear a 5x5 lace closure wig, you can get your styling done at night, it is a perfect hairstyle in the next morning, then you can wear it. It’s so convenient.


  1. Protect the edge of your hairline

The 5x5 lace closure wig can protect the edge of your hairline from damage. Because there is a 5x5 Closure protection on the front. The lace is very thin and soft, light, and breathable.


  1. Easy to be restyled

The same hairstyle for a long time will cause our aesthetic fatigue. Many people like to change their hairstyles frequently according to their dressing style, and the 5x5 lace closure wig can meet this demand. 5x5 lace closure wig can be restyled easily, that is an advantage that other human hair weave or wigs cannot match.


  1. Give you natural-looking

The 5x5 lace closure wig looks very natural, because the high-definition lace material directly reveals the color of the scalp, so the front of the lace wig looks particularly real, and there's nothing more like your real hair.


  1. money saving

5x5 lace closure wig is not as expensive as a full lace wig, and it not like human hair with closure or frontal need you go to a salon to spend extra money. Just imagine it, if you spend a few hundred dollars to buy a lace closure and bundles, Whether you go to the salon or you sew in by yourself, that usually take several hours to complete. However, 5x5 lace closure wig just needs you to make it simple, and simply tidy the hair of forehead in natural, and you can get the beauty and comfortable human hair extension immediately.


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