Senior Liaison of Central Florida Inc. specializes in helping individuals locate assisted living in Florida.  We have relationships with assisted living in The Villages, assisted living in Ocala and assisted living in Leesburg.  If you are considering long term care in assisted living for yourself, a parent, spouse, or loved one, we can help guide you through this complicated journey.  It all begins with a free consultation.  We will then schedule a home visit or phone call to determine your individual care needs, budget, and location preference.  We will help to narrow your search for an assisted living to two or three communities that fit your needs.  We have researched communities to ensure their safety and reputation.  There is more to an assisted living than a pretty building and it’s important to make a confident decision. As a former Director of Sales in assisted living in Florida, I met with countless families who had never visited a community before and knew nothing about what to look for or what questions to ask.  When I asked them how they found my community, I was often told, “we were driving by and saw your sign.”  THAT was how they chose an assisted living community to visit!  I would ask them what was important to them in their search.  The answer was often the same… safety and care. But what does that mean?  How is safety determined?  Care is sometimes determined based on the number of staff available and longevity of management.  In too many cases, they would not look any deeper than the fancy entrance and beautiful décor and make an emotional decision based on that alone. At Senior Liaison of Central Florida Inc., we will schedule tours at an assisted living Florida, including assisted living in The Villages, Ocala, Leesburg and beyond and accompany you to make sure you have all your questions and concerns addressed.  We will help with completing forms, hiring a mover, finding an elder law attorney, and any other senior service you may need. It’s important to work with and trust an advisor who will give you personalized attention and direction.  We are not a directory giving your information to all assisted living communities.  Don’t do a blind Internet search and be misled by services that have no regard to your unique circumstance.  We are available 7 days a week and you will always talk with a caring professional throughout your journey. Visit here: