What is the best solution for users to make highly clear dot indication? No matter it is pointing at close or long distance, not easy to reach with a simple laser pointer or any other manual dot projecting work, it would be a much better solution for users to have a try of 532nm green laser diode module. Among all visible laser devices, owing to its middle wavelength of optical spectrums, this green dot laser always projects the most sensitive color and the most easily absorbed green laser light from laser beam aperture. Under condition that it makes proper mounting onto any other machine or device, not relying on any manual labor force input, it always achieved easy reaching, high precision and highly clear green dot indication on to a lot of working surfaces effectively.
Being made with an external electric power source, not spending extra time on prior dot positioning work, this 532nm green laser diode module is always working well with constant green laser beam emission from the laser beam aperture part. After accepting wide range electric current of 100V to 240V, it is applying for multiple working occasions and regions, merely affected by real working environments. Available with advanced 532nm green DPSS laser system within wide range output power of 5mW to 100mW, this green dot laser is working well with highly visible and bright green laser light indication at several miles far away. In addition, besides the use of close distance and inner room, the general use of dot laser alignment up to 50mW to 100mW also makes highly precise dot indication within the maximum work distance and highlighting working occasions as well.
On conditions that 532nm green laser diode module applies a qualified glass coated lens and a glass window, after a series of strict laser beam stability test and aging preventing tests up to 24 hours, which is working well with excellent laser light cycling use and highly reliable performance under multiple working occasions, without any effect by moisture or dust as well. When it projects high transmission green laser light, either it is pointing at close a long distance, this 532nm green dot laser is fulfilling highly precise dot generation for multiple application fields. It is also used as an accessory part of any other machine or device, which is able to provide users ideal green dot alignment source for laser marking, laser engraving, drilling system, military targeting, high Tech and lab experiment works, etc.
According to the special use of electric wires for both 532nm green laser diode module and DC power supply, within freely installed distance of three meters, it enables the most convenient installation and the easiest reaching of green reference dot onto any vertical or horizontal working surface, it makes sure of non contact, no mistake, and long lasting dot indication in all application fields. The special use of adjustable focus optic lens assures freely adjusted green dot diameter and dot emitting direction. This alignment laser gets the most concentrated green laser light emission and increasing accuracy green dot generation at even longer distances and highlight working occasions. Whenever users are aware of any potential thermal energy hurt to human eyes and wearing correct laser safety glasses, without any eye exposure to laser beam aperture, it just achieves easy and secured dot generation for all application fields perfectly.