In Animal Crossing: New Horizon, Brewster will finally make an appearance!  Discover what our lovable coffee snob has to offer once he becomes a permanent resident of the island by reading our guide below! . . . Brewster is a coffee-loving, Gyroid-collecting pigeon who owns and operates his own cafe, The Roost, in the town of Brewster, Massachusetts.  For the previous nook miles ticket games, she is best known as the resident espresso enthusiast (more commonly known as a coffee snob), who enjoys serving players coffee in exchange for $200 in bells per day.  Even though Brewster is a pigeon with few words, he remains friendly and is widely regarded by the villagers as serving the best-tasting coffee once you get to know him. Were you aware that Brewster is a cultured pigeon who takes anything ACNH Items For Sale has to do with coffee very seriously? Player's can become friends with Brewster, one of the few Special Characters in the Animal Crossing franchise.  Brendan Brewster is a Libra, according to his zodiac sign.

Information Regarding the Roost
Previous games, such as Wild World and City Folk, had The Roost located in the Museum's basement; however, in New Leaf, Brewster was able to purchase his own building.  It appears that a new section of the Museum will be opening soon, according to the teaser from Nintendo Direct for October 2021.  The Roost has set up shop on the upper west side of the Museum's main building! ! In spite of the fact Brewster is not currently featured in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the following is a list of things you could do with him and his cafe in previous free ACNH bells games!

Enjoy a cup of coffee and a chat.
Once a day, for 200 bells, players can purchase and drink coffee from The Roost, which was previously available.  Brewster will eventually customize how he makes your cup of joe based on your preferences, despite the fact that drinking coffee had no effect on the player in any way or form.

As a part-time barista, you will make and serve coffee.
As long as you consume an adequate amount of coffee and become acquainted with Brewster, he will grant you permission to work as a part-time barista.  When it comes to their cup of coffee, each villagers has their own unique preferences, and it is your responsibility to serve them the best cup possible.  Brewster will reward you for your efforts by providing you with coffee beans, ACNH nook miles tickets or cafe-themed furniture at the conclusion of your shift.

K.  K.  Slider's music is worth listening to.
Similar to his weekly appearances at The Roost in ACNH, K.  K.  Slider would make an appearance at The Roost on occasion to perform a concert in the past.  Although it's unlikelyfree ACNH items he'll perform at The Roost in the near future, given his current schedule at the town plaza, he might drop by for a cup of coffee in the meantime.  The only thing we can do now is wait and see!

Visiting Hours for Brewster.
Nintendo teased us with the idea that The Roost will be open around the clock once Brewster has finished settling into his new home on the island, and it appears buy bells animal crossing new horizons this will be true as of right now!