Recently, a customer asked about the stone in the discharge of vertical roller mill. It means that the two vertical roller mills purchased by the factory deal with quartz stone with a design output of 25t / h.

After using for a period of time, it is found that sundries or stones are frequently discharged from the discharge outlet of the vertical roller mill.

Sometimes one vertical roller mill runs continuously for one day, and about 1t stones can be accumulated at the discharge outlet, which seriously affects the production progress.

Through communication, SBM technicians learned about the actual situation of the customer's concentrator in detail, and sent relevant professional technicians to conduct on-site inspection to solve the problems.

After inspection, it is found that the poor quality, large sediment content, large particle size and poor grindability of the quartz processed by the concentrator are the main reasons for frequent stone discharge at the discharge of vertical roller mill operation, followed by the misoperation of relevant personnel.