IVF costs in Nepal range from NPR 34,00,00 to NPR 4,00,000 for typical techniques. The costs of each IVF step, as well as all pertinent lab charges, are summed up in the table above. There are no additional charges for these fixed costs.

  • Initial Consultation With the Specialist
  • Fertility Injections and Medication
  • Ultrasounds and blood testing
  • Retrieval
  • Fertilization
  • Embryo transfer
  • Fertility lab charges

Patients give information that assists them in determining the optimal treatment option and the IVF cost in Nepal. When it comes to having a child, the woman's age is crucial. The quality of a woman's eggs improves as she gets older. Experts advise couples to start planning for their child at the appropriate age. After the age of 35, the egg's decline accelerates. It's harder to conceive with your eggs. IVF with a donor egg is the most effective way to become a parent. The IVF cost in Kathmandu Nepal using donated eggs will rise.

The most reasonable IVF treatment cost in Nepal is provided by the leading fertility clinic. They make certain that couples do not suffer any difficulties during IVF. For modern assisted reproductive technology, we only employ the best donors. All potential donors are thoroughly vetted and approved. The only place where you can donate eggs is SURROGACY CLINIC NEPAL. Before contemplating alternate procedures, it's a good idea to talk to the SURROGACY CLINIC NEPAL about all of your possibilities. By using the natural way, a couple may have problems conceiving a child. It means they tried for a year to conceive but were unable to do so. It's time to seek professional help from SURROGACY CLINIC NEPAL IVF in Nepal. The SURROGACY CLINIC NEPAL provides the most affordable IVF costs in Nepal as well as fertility treatments to couples seeking IVF treatment.

Intended Parents of various ages have selected Nepal as their IVF treatment destination of choice. They are either couple who have failed to conceive using the standard course of fertility medicine or couples who have advanced fertility and are exploring IVF with egg donation.

Kathmandu, Nepal, is a well-known and reputable destination for IVF and Infertility treatment, with a low cost of 340000 NPR. In Nepal, IVF is a miraculous treatment that removes the taboo of infertility from infertile couples. IVF is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedure that is used in conjunction with other treatments to help couples become parents. Depending on the circumstances of an infertile couple, IVF may be used. The cost of IVF in Nepal is determined by individual medical reports. IVF refers to the eggs removing the process from a woman body and combining them with sperm at SURROGACY CLINIC NEPAL.

The embryo is then transferred to the uterus, and the process culminates in pregnancy.

Surrogacy Clinic Nepal provides the lowest IVF costs in Nepal to couples seeking the best IVF treatment at the most affordable IVF cost. Infertility caused by a blocked or damaged Fallopian tube, Premature Ovarian Failure, ovulation troubles, irregular menstruation, or other fertility concerns is treated with IVF. Assume that infertility is caused by ovulation problems or a combination of factors. Nepal is also an excellent place to visit if you're looking for a medical vacation.

Concept of cost of IVF treatment in Nepal

The procedure of producing an embryo from eggs obtained from a woman's ovary is known as in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Sperm from the male partner will be utilized to fertilize the eggs. To be successful with IVF, eggs must be of good quality for the sperm, and sperm must be motile to allow self-penetration. It is possible to employ both eggs and sperm. IVF treatments can be time-consuming and obtrusive.

IVF with a egg Donor in Nepal

External fertilisation of an egg is referred to as IVF. It allows infertile women to become pregnant with ease, regardless of whether they use fresh or frozen donor eggs. IVF treatment can be done with either your eggs and sperms or donated eggs. If a woman is having trouble conceiving, donor egg IVF might open up a world of possibilities. To guarantee that egg production is stimulated without difficulty, the donor's hormone profile is collected. All donors are screened to ensure that they do not have hepatitis B or C, HIV, Cytomegalovirus, or syphilis. Donated eggs are one of the most effective methods for conceiving. Each cycle of treatment with donor eggs has a success rate of 70-80% on average. This rate could be slightly greater if the eggs were donated by someone under the age of 35.


ICSI is a prominent infertility treatment procedure. In IVF labs, it is the most efficient approach to fertilise eggs. Patients who have failed in vitro fertilisation or intrauterine insemination may be candidates for ICSI. If your male spouse has ejaculation problems, abnormal sperm, elevated antibodies, poor quality sperm, or a low sperm count, call SURROGACY CLINIC NEPAL for successful ICSI treatment. SURROGACY CLINIC NEPAL in Nepal charges a cost for the ICSI procedure. The egg is fertilised outside of the body by a single sperm.

IVF with sperm donor

If your fertility issue is caused by a male partner who has poor sperm motility, a low number of sperm, aberrant morphology, azoospermia or retrograde ejaculation, blockages, illness, or other factors, To complete an IVF round, you will need sperm from a healthy donor. Donor sperm is more likely to result in a successful pregnancy.

Both historically and medically, the donor must be in good health.

He shouldn't have high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other inherited condition.

In Nepal, the procedure will cost between Rs. 50000 and Rs. 65,000. Donor sperm can be costly, with IVF costs ranging from Rs. 3 Lakhs to Rs. 5 Lakhs at SURROGACY CLINIC NEPAL.

IVF costs with TESA, PESA, and TESE

PESA/TESA/TESE stands for Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration/Testicular Sperm Aspiration/Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE).