A junction box is an essential element in any industry, as they are specially designed to protect electrical connections. They hide them to limit their access and also to prevent external agents from damaging systems and equipment. For those who require these cabinets, the IEC Global models are perfect.

This line of junction boxes is ideal for different types of installations because their configurations are very varied. To know them better and understand how they adapt to industries, it is important that you know what their most outstanding characteristics are.

Main features of the junction box

  1. Various materialsJunction boxes like IEC Global are made from a wide variety of materials, all very robust. Among the most popular are mild steel and stainless steel, but there are also aluminum, polycarbonate, ABS and polyester models. All are suitable for both indoors and outdoors, although they may have different levels of protection.
  2. Assorted sizes

These cabinets come in different sizes, that is, with variable height, width and depth. In this way, they can be adjusted to the requirements and needs of each industry and location. The thickness of the body and the cover can also vary, as well as the weight. Thanks to this you can always find a model with the right dimensions.

  1. Protection level

The IEC Global junction box is characterized by having different levels of protection to guarantee the protection of the systems. For this they have certificates such as IP66 or IP67, which means that they are completely watertight boxes with respect to the entry of dust and dirt and that they also have great protection against water.

  1. Resistance level

Another important feature of these boxes is their high level of resistance. This is given both by its materials and by the level of protection. They have anti-corrosion treatments and can be exposed to aggressive weather conditions and will not have problems of any kind.

  1. Interchangeable accessories

The IEC Global junction boxes are compatible with a wide range of accessories, which are also interchangeable between models. This gives the boxes a lot of versatility, since it is possible to configure them for use according to different needs.

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