With the improvement of transportation mechanization, electric dump cargo tricycles have been widely used in mine open stopes, tailings pond construction and other project transportation due to their large load capacity, lightness and flexibility. How to drive an electric cargo dump tricycle in a mining area?


When driving an electric dump tricycle, you should pay attention to the following matters:

First, the choice of parking location:

1. In order to avoid the damage to the tires by the materials at the loading site, when choosing a parking site, ensure that there are no large-sized and angular materials at the parking site.


2. In order to reduce the distance of the loader and improve the efficiency, when the electric dump cargo tricycle is parked, the longitudinal direction of the vehicle and the bottom line of the material to be loaded should be kept at an angle greater than 90 degrees and 120 degrees. This method is electric self-unloading. The parking position of the freight tricycle is fixed, and the loading machine adjusts the loading position based on the parking position of the electric dump cargo tricycle, so as to meet the vast majority of on-site operating conditions.


3. If the work site is small and the loading machine cannot choose a suitable loading position due to the space conditions on the left and right sides, the electric dump cargo tricycle can be loaded multiple times, that is, after the loading machine completes the shovel loading, it will drive a certain distance in reverse. , I know that the car uses the space between the loading machine and the loading surface to drive along the vertical direction of the vertical dry loading machine, and then repeat the next action after loading. This method is to adjust the loading position of the electric self-unloading cargo tricycle based on the parking position of the loading machine, which is suitable for on-site operating conditions. Under this condition, the loading trajectory of the loading machine is a straight line.


4 In order to make the material evenly loaded by the loading machine on the vehicle, it should be ensured that the left and right sides of the vehicle are in a horizontal position after the vehicle is parked.

Electric Stand-driving Tricycle

Second, heavy load climbing:

1. The vehicle has difficulties (or even slips) when starting with a heavy load, especially for new drivers with inexperienced driving. When this happens, you cannot start frequently blindly, so as to avoid damage to the transmission system (such as clutch plates and other components). After the driver applies the parking brake to the vehicle, use a larger-sized rock, wedge-shaped wood and other items to dry the rear of the driving wheel, and then slowly release the parking brake. After confirming that the vehicle has no signs of moving backward, Start again. This method reduces the difficulty of starting half-slope with heavy load, and generally can start smoothly.


2. When the vehicle is climbing a hill with heavy load, especially a long slope with a large slope, the driver needs to select a suitable gear in advance, and try to avoid shifting gears in the middle, especially for new drivers with inexperienced driving. Choose an open road ahead of time.


3. At the time of increase, the weight will make the vehicle reach a higher speed, and the shifting action must be new in time. Otherwise, even if the high gear is changed, it may be caused by the engine failure and the angle load climbing, the vehicle speed cannot be increased rapidly, and then Unable to provide enough power, you have to downshift, which is a taboo for heavy-duty climbing.


4. If the engine power is insufficient, it is necessary to downshift in advance. Otherwise, if the engine fails a lot in one day, it is possible that after downshifting into a low gear, the engine still cannot provide enough power to climb the hill, and the shifting action is accurate and timely. If the gear shift lever fails to move into the gear that needs to be shifted into one day, the driving crane should be prepared for braking to prevent the vehicle from slipping due to excessive time consumption during the shifting process.


Since most of the heavy-duty vehicles now use the transmission with synchronizer, the electric dump tricycle can generally complete the shifting action relatively easily during the shifting process.

Electric Sit-driving Tricycle

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