Because of renting or limited budget, we may not be able to buy a satisfactory dining table, or, after a long time, it will cause aesthetic fatigue to our own dining table. At this time, you urgently need a good-looking tablecloth to save yourself.

Put on the tablecloth, the table changes a lot

We often say that a person can hide the ugliness by just being white, so a tablecloth can cover the ugliness of the dining table.

Choose a light-colored tablecloth

Tablecloths with light colors and simple patterns are the most versatile tablecloths. Coupled with matching geometric pillows, the dining atmosphere is instantly different.

Choose tablecloth according to table type

A round table is matched with a round tablecloth, and the color and pattern of the tablecloth should not be too exaggerated.

Even if the dining table is in the kitchen, a small tablecloth can make the style different.

Dark tablecloth

The dark tablecloth is calm, and the most important point is stain resistance.

Table runners can play a better decorative role

If you don’t want to cover the entire table, you can try the table runner. Table runners are generally laid on the centerline or diagonal of the table, and can also be used with placemats. Table runners can play a very good decorative role and make the restaurant look more emotional.

Table cloth table runner, stronger layering

In this way, through the collocation of different materials and patterns, it can appear more layered and ritual.

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