Opal the queen of gems, is a true wonder of nature! Its purity, playfulness, and light inspire luck, happiness, hope, love, purity, and innocence. This unique stone has an incredible pearly white luster, and its vibrant flashing display presents a colorful surface that will make your heart skip a beat! No wonder anyone who sees an Opal Ring desires to own it. So, let's explore what is opal and how it can benefit the wearer. Opal, the gem from silica-rich waters, is truly a precious stone! Its name comes from the Sanskrit word Upala which means "precious stone," and the Romans called it Opallios. With two kinds - common and precious - and many colors and varieties, opal is a semi-precious stone with incredible Healing Properties. With its broad range of types and colors, each opal is unique and has special qualities. Opal is the stone of purity, amplification, and hope - a gem like no other!

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