Orange Shirt Day is an annual event in Canada that holds immense cultural and historical significance.Canadians come together to recognize and remember the experiences of Indigenous survivors of residential schools. This article aims to shed light on the importance of Orange Shirt Day and the role of RESIST CLOTHING COMPANY in supporting this vital cause.


Understanding Orange Shirt Day: 

Orange Shirt Day Canada originated from the story of Phyllis Webstad, a survivor of the St. Joseph Mission Residential School in British Columbia. This shirt symbolizes the loss of cultural identity, family, and self-esteem experienced by Indigenous children in these institutions.


Orange Shirt Day has been observed as a day of remembrance and healing. It serves as an opportunity to educate Canadians about the history and ongoing impact of residential schools and honor Indigenous communities' resilience.



RESIST CLOTHING COMPANY: Supporting Orange Shirt Day: 

RESIST CLOTHING COMPANY recognizes the significance of Orange Shirt Day and the need to amplify the voices of Indigenous peoples. As a socially responsible company, we actively support initiatives that promote reconciliation, cultural awareness, and respect for Indigenous communities.


RESIST CLOTHING COMPANY's commitment to Orange Shirt Day goes beyond a symbolic gesture. We have collaborated with Indigenous artists and designers to create clothing collections highlighting Indigenous culture, art, and stories. Our collections aim to foster a sense of pride, honor, and unity among all Canadians.


The Importance of Orange Shirt Day:

Orange Shirt Day serves as a solemn reminder of the devastating impact that residential schools had on Indigenous communities. Children were forcibly taken from our families, our languages and customs were suppressed, and we were abused physically, emotionally, and culturally in these facilities.



Orange Shirt Day is a poignant reminder of the dark chapter in Canadian history that must never be forgotten. It is a day to honor the strength and resilience of Indigenous survivors, acknowledge our pain, and commit to reconciliation and healing. RESIST CLOTHING COMPANY's dedication to supporting Orange Shirt Day exemplifies its commitment to social responsibility and working towards a better future for all.


As Canadians, it is our collective responsibility to learn from the past, educate ourselves about the experiences of Indigenous peoples, and actively engage in efforts to build a more consistent and equitable society. By supporting initiatives like Orange Shirt Day and partnering with socially conscious businesses like RESIST CLOTHING COMPANY, we can contribute to the healing process and foster a brighter future for all Canadians.


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