Since 1982, New Air Force 1 has completed a lot of work. On the eve of its 40th anniversary, Bruce Kilgore's iconic design appeared in a fashion-forward, cold-weather lavender suit. Unlike the standard all-leather structure, this newly-emerging shoe is obsessed with the all-suede structure upper. The swirls on the sides and panels along the tongue boast a solid arrangement, while the surrounding covering chooses semi-patterned makeup. The side logo, the heel panel and the bottom of the remade outsole are all in light brown, presenting a complementary autumn style. Elsewhere, the low-modified midsole in the Air Force 1 is for exaggerated aesthetic and functional purposes, keeping decades old designs fresh. In the history of basketball, few people have been decorated so ornately like Candace Parker. The most valuable player, championship and wnba all-star lineup are just some of the hardware and honors Parker has accumulated in her career, but her most influential achievement is her intangible promotion and representation for women's sports.

Recently discovered in Los Angeles with John Wall, Paul George recently prepared another version of Nike PG 5 in a mismatched arrangement. In the upcoming basketball sneakers, this shoe is mainly black and red, and is performance-oriented, Favnikeoutlet creating conditions for asymmetric makeup between the left and right shoes. Although not exactly what "What The" looks like, the accents of yellow, green, blue, and pink around the collar provide a playful feel for the fifth iconic model of No. 13. On the soles of the feet, the black soles are covered with white spots, which adds to the bold appearance of this pair of shoes. On September 16 this year, her hometown of Chicago designated Candace Parker's Day as Candace Parker's Day, making her status immortal. Adidas also commemorated this controversial "Candice Parker Day" and launched a whole series to celebrate Parker's latest honor. Part of the series is the Adidas exhibition (A)ce Low in three directions, representing the three key stages of her life and career. The orange color is to pay tribute to the late Pat Summit, who was Candace’s coach at the University of Tennessee, while the other colors are to pay tribute to her daughter and the creator of the future generation. The low top profile is cushioned with the Lightstrike midsole, and provides a lightweight and airy package suitable for all positions on the court.

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s third and arguably best signature, Zoom Freak 3, will return in a new, soft color this fall. Unlike the previous product, this pair of shoes removes the bright, vibrant colors that sports teams obviously like. Most of the black clothes are worn on tops, with only a few fixed clothes. Among them, gray seems to be a general trend, it appears in different shades in the brand,Ecco Shoes Sale Cheap as well as straps and midsoles. Although the latter two may have a darker appearance, the former — embroidered swooshish and a metallic-looking logo — brightens the palette a lot. Beam is one of the largest retailers in Japan, and has launched many great sneaker cooperative products over the years. Later in September this year-on the 25th, to be precise-the giant will work with Reebok again to launch a brand new model: the C Club No Lace Mule. "We are very happy to work with Reebok again," said Shingo Arai, head of procurement at beam. The main attraction of Club C is its classic appearance and stylish feel. When designing the Club C Laceless Mule, we wanted to maintain this overall concept, but the focus was to create a shoe that everyone can wear that can be used as a prominent and neutral accessory. Part of the inspiration comes from the military. The silhouette retains the iconic feel of Club C, but has been adjusted for more casual functions. The open back design is undoubtedly the inspiration for the mule; when combined with the laceless buckle, this pair of shoes will only become easier to put on and take off. In addition, the cooperation also includes interchangeable window frame logos and "なまえ" text.