Wholesale Roofing Sheet Shandong Lumei Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of corrugated steel plate. Our company has perfect steel cutting machine, uncoiling machine, shearing machine, mold grinding machine, stepping punching machine, spinning machine equipment. Our company's corrugated steel plate are all made of galvanized sheets of large steel mills as raw materials, and we can customize the style, color and size of products for you according to your requirements. Free sketches for you. Delivery can also be completed as quickly as possible. 聽 What is corrugated steel plate? Corrugated steel plate is a formed steel plate with a wave section formed by rolling cold bending after hot galvanizing with a thickness of 0.25-2.5 mm. 聽 What are the advantages of corrugated steel plate? The surface of corrugated steel plate is beautiful, the galvanized layer is firm, and it has excellent atmospheric corrosion resistance. Moreover, the corrugated steel plate also has good welding performance and cold working forming function. Galvanized corrugated sheet is lighter and stronger and easy to transport. 聽 What is corrugated steel plate used for? Corrugated steel plate is widely used in construction, packaging, railway vehicles, agricultural machinery manufacturing and daily necessities. 聽Wholesale Roofing Sheet website:http://www.lumeisteel.com/roofing-sheet/