The primary benefit of a DICOM image converter is that your clinic or individual practice will not need to pay the hundreds of a large number of pounds so it would usually price to update and/or replace your older, but still functional imaging equipment. DICOM is simply a graphic file format, similar to .jpeg, .gif, .png or .tiff files. Programs such as for example Photoshop or GIMP can certainly change images one of the more frequent types, but DICOM was developed especially for medical imaging, and therefore includes information that's perhaps not often section of common picture formats.

The DICOM image converter consists of an inexpensive bit of electronics into which the user bottles any medical picture, such as an x-ray, MRI, mammography picture, etc. The DICOM converter then translates the picture to the DICOM format; it will then be published to a machine or PC, a photo archive and communication program (PACS), and saved to portable press such as a DVD. Any medical image that you change to DICOM file structure can then be read by any web browser across multiple programs (provided the number PC has the correct pc software loaded ai art .

DICOM Image Converter Choices There are numerous various businesses that provide different methods to convert DICOM files. The Lumen Process is just a user-friendly DICOM converter where non-DICOM movie may downloaded to any place on the medical care facility's intranet or even a specified site on the Internet (i.e., a niche hospital or the PC of a remote associate involved with a consultation).

The TIMS Program provides a heightened method to convert DICOM files; this revolutionary product may change any medical image and add it to a PACS, where in fact the image can be archived, spread and improved if necessary. The DICOM Exporter is yet a different type of DICOM image converter allowing the user to convert to DICOM any medical picture or video to the most typical internet image types (.jpeg, ,mpg, etc.), which will then be submitted across an intranet to a clinic's digital store, wherever it can be commonly reached by licensed personnel.