Today, it's difficult to find anyone willing to stake. Today I am proud to have made 40k. I literally had one person who was willing to stake me RuneScape 2007 Gold, AND he was 15 levels higher. All the other friendly-making people are so focused on winning hats, which do nothing but make you look ridiculous and grant you an adrenaline boost.

People are even, in effect, prostituting themselves by "selling" killings, which I find more annoying than accounts for advertising. I'm able to conclude that. Jagex has made all accounts in runescape break, with the exception of mine. What could be the reason behind the fact that virtually no one is staking?

It's amazing and unbelievable that there's a hidden ability in the caps that virtually no one knows about but hasn't bothered to tell me. It's totally worth the effort and mind-numbing repetitions needed to master these hats. If this goes on for a further month, then I might be tempted to quit rs. I'd like you my fellow scapers to tell me WHY this is happening.

I'm just doing nothing but wasting my time. Jagex rarely browses their own forums and they don't bother to read this. I will not be posting on this forum. I looked at the update newpost, to see whether there was anything of particular significance this week. The hats looked intriguing, Draynor got the first "night" effect in RS... then I looked at the "upgrades." The hats were stunning initially, particularly when you can left-click bosses to decant 3 dose potions OSRS Gold For Sale. However I read a sentence that really irritated me.