Sony has recently launched a model revision of the PS5 without great announcement. In order to improve the production capacities, some parts were exchanged, including the heat sink. This ensured a lot on the internet after a Youtuber opened the new model and found the significantly smaller heatsink. Meanwhile, there are tests, how that affects the performance of the console.

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Where was the problem? The Youtuber Austin Evans has compared the two models in a video and executed several tests from the outside. He made the discovery that the new model from the outside becomes almost three degrees warmer than before.

He went to the track and found inside that the heat sink is significantly smaller and used less copper for the heat conduction. Then Evans made the remark that the new model is considerably worse and thus caused excitement on the Internet. More about why the results are not representative, you read here:

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Technology experts make sure that the new PS5 model is worse

In the latest video, the technology experts of Digital Foundry and the YouTube hardware channel The Gamer Nexus now analyze the new PS5 model and undergo a strict performance test:

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Why there is no difference: Richard Leadbetter by Digital Foundry sees the differences of the new model rather than void. He comes to the conclusion that there is no difference for the end consumers in the performance of the console, which model they have:

Yes, the cooler design is partially simplified and the internal temperature seems, despite some cooler cases, a total of a bit hotter to run. The key question is whether the new model is better or worse than the launch model. And there we can say that they are the same in the end, especially in terms of experience in normal playing.

The Tests of the Hardware Experts of The Gamer Nexus show in their video that the temperature becomes warmer on some components, but everything is still in an acceptable frame. So there should be no total losses of consoles, unless the console is going hot in a narrow cabinet. But that would also like that of the old model.

Take care, however, that the test results are not 100 percent accurate, as small millimeters differences already change the results for each plugged cable.

Nevertheless fits: Even if it is theoretically not bad that the console runs a bit warmer, you should definitely pay attention to a few fundamental rules. As your console sets up correctly, so that the outgoing air can circulate, we reveal you in your own article.