Seasoned Animal Crossing gamers are not any strangers to turnips and their extreme significance inside the game. For newbies, it was a lesson in how to maximize your profits to begin raking in ACNH Bells bells.

Every Sunday, players might excitedly load into the game, spending every bell they may spare to shop for turnips from Daisy Mae. Once Monday came, it turned into an all-out blitz to discover the satisfactory turnip costs accessible. Everybody might be texting or reaching out looking for big turnip costs, equipped to hop aboard a Dodo Airlines flight to any other participant’s island. From time to time, the phrase “turnips” could even hit trending status on Twitter. There were entire Discord groups shaped, web sites in which you may arise-to-the-minute updates on new listings, and limitless forums on web sites like Reddit. It turned into a full-on craze. The workforce here at Shacknews were also completely obsessed on the stalk market, going as a long way to devote considered one of our work channels to the game. Once you bought turnips on a Sunday, you had precisely one week to sell them off, or lose out absolutely once they wreck. We all observed the stalk market religiously with dreams of turning into filthy wealthy bellionaires.

As lots as you may’t understate the social value of Animal Crossing: New Horizons at its launch, it should additionally be recognized how well the sport stood up to the other fundamental game releases of 2020. Animal Crossing went toe-to-toe with titles like The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, and Animal Crossing Bells for Sale Doom Eternal and nonetheless took home some of accolades. Here at Shacknews, Animal Crossing: New Horizons came in at range 2 for our 2020 Game of the Year award just in the back of Half Life: Alyx and became named Best Nintendo Switch Game, in addition to Best Multiplayer Game.