Over the years, Final Fantasy XIV has undergone a lot of changes, so the way players can get FFXIV Gil faster in the game is also constantly evolving. Now as Final Fantasy XIV is updated again in 2021, here are some good ways to help players Buy FF14 Gil.

First, players can use the old-fashioned gardening process. For example, players can do things like gardening and planting cloud breathing to get clouds, and then they can use it to make flying chairs and sell them for profit. Of course, jute can also be used to make large woven carpets, they actually sell very well.

Selling large company daily newspapers, players can sell many things, such as defensive lorica, diamond time winglet, diamond or cobalt winglet cobalt knuckles and so on. Now these can be very profitable, because many people find it boring to make them from scratch and waste time collecting materials, so they will buy these items at a pretty good price just for the sake of the ending.

The best way to get FFXIV Gil in Final Fantasy XIV is to sell potions and food for raids. Especially the new level 4 potions and level 4 tinctures that have just been released recently. I mean there will always be people conducting raids, and they will definitely need to buy potions and food, because some of them don't want or can't make them themselves.

Of course, if players are willing to spend a lot of time making macro crafts and collecting them, and finally sell them to players who conduct raids, then this will be the best way to stably earn FFXIV Gil in Final Fantasy XIV. Of course, the fastest way is for players to directly choose a reliable store to buy FFXIV Gil, such as IGGM.