discount Lantern Type Wind Turbine Products Description One. A magnet generator High efficiency horizontal rotation generator without a core. 2.3 blades with a curved shape optimally exploit wind resources and generate more power. 3. You are invited to represent us and benefit from a 20-year usage life and a 1-year warranty. 4. The device is small, light, stable, and safe. A unique control concept increases wind speed to 2.5 to 25 m/s, efficiently using the wind resource and generating more electricity. 5. CE certification. 6.High efficiency, maybe a hybrid system with LED street lights, a greenhouse, and solar panels for household usage... Uses include illumination for opening plazas, marine, boats, streets, and homes. Our team Certification Exhibition Evaluation Customer Opinion FAQ Do wind farms produce noise or obstruct TV reception? There is some noise produced by small wind turbines, but not enough for most people to find it bothersome. The average washing machine is noisier than a typical home wind system. TV reception is not hampered by wind turbines. Would any of my home's wiring need to be changed? No. Almost any home may be retrofitted with a wind turbine without requiring any changes to the wiring or appliances. The utility will often install a second utility meter to track the amount of surplus power it buys from the turbine owner. discount Lantern Type Wind Turbine website: