The term ‘family law’ in the UAE broadly refers to the Federal Law no. 28 of 2005 on ‘Personal Status’ and its amendments (Personal Status Law) that governs all aspects relating to the marriage, divorce, maintenance, child custody, succession, and guardianship matters concerning both UAE nationals and residents. The personal status law is guided by the Islamic principles of Sharia and its traditions. That said, ex-pats in the UAE are also allowed to apply foreign law in the UAE courts, and with the latest amendment, the foreign law applicable in such instances would be the law of the country where the marriage was solemnized. The application of the foreign law is also subject to the provisions of the UAE Civil Code, and in general, the applicability is restricted to many underlying conditions, such as it should not contradict with the UAE laws.


The personal status law is broad and comprises of an exhaustive three hundred and sixteen articles, and the provisions relating to the same are constantly amended. When dealing with critical personal status matters, it is not a good practice to approach any given court lawyer; instead, one must be careful that they should approach only the best and most experienced lawyers specializing as child custody lawyeralimony lawyer as well as divorce lawyers Dubai. Only the lawyers specializing in family law can guide you with the right strategies whether you are facing a difficult divorce, custody battle or a maintenance claim. We often come across clients who have faced harrowing personal experiences of acute physical and mental torture. In such circumstances, one’s judgment is often clouded, or you are simply not able to fight for your rights and require a lawyer who can empathize as well as guide you with the right legal advice. 


Specialized family lawyers in the UAE are award-winning lawyers, and their reputation speaks volumes for their work ethics and achievements. They are professional lawyers with whom one can discuss their worst experiences and can expect the right legal guidance. Often complicated family matters have different types of corresponding actions that can be taken, whether it is under criminal law, or real estate law, or civil law. Only when you are guided by an experienced divorce lawyer, you would be properly informed on the possible actions you can take under the different branches of law for other legal claims and securing your legal rights.