Have you heard the Pirate Boom Boom’s music? If not, what are you waiting for? Download our game right now – Pirate’s Boom Boom,out now in the AppStore and PlayStore! All jokes aside,  I’d like to invite you on a journey of what it was like creating music for a game that sounded different from other mobile pirate games.

Our music composer is actually a Drum & Bass producer Mike Kenny, aka AIRSTRIKE. Personally, I’ve been a big fan of his music for about a decade now. And that is actually how I met Mike, after listening to a song multiple times, I just had to tell him how much I loved it! So, I messaged him on SoundCloud and the rest is history. Mike’s DnB music is available on Spotify, SoundCloud and he does a Twitch Stream every Sunday for 4 hours where he DJs a really great set of music, mainly jungle, DnB and  low tempo. Mike has an incredible talent for composing and layering and I always enjoy when he steps out of his genre and gives his imprint on music that normally he would never make- which was the case with the game.


 I’ve worked with Mike on several projects before and I told him I don’t want our game to be just one of the many new pirate games out there. As a director I learned to stop giving notes on details and how to approach the discussion with the feeling of the music. How does this music piece make me feel and what does it do for the visual that it is paired with? Deep down, I always look forward to that first time when you hear the score. It’s as if this song has been traveling here for a long, long time and now it is finally here captivating a unique feeling for this world that did not exist before! Mike was able to create unique feelings in tracks with some songs happening naturally and some taking weeks to discuss, but his take on the music was the ying to the yang.

Out of all the free pirate games out there, in order to make something captivating, we knew we were up against a great challenge. This time it was to create catchy memorable tunes that gave a depth to every level and sounded good on Iphone’s limited speakers. We decided to do an alternative take on a Pop sound that resonates with teenages right now. The graphics in our game are already bold and unique and we wanted the music to sound like a soundtrack to the journey of the arcade levels- as if you are infinitely traveling across the ocean in visualscapes and soundscapes. To me that was the formula to make Pirate’s Boom Boom a top rated mobile pirate game.

Jack and I are also excited to work with Mike again to compose for the story mode, which will be a series of mini-stories mixed with hand-crafted levels that reveal the story of our main characters, our villains and give a more-in-depth look at our game. I don’t have a clue what it will sound like, but I know that the end result will be as fun, memorable and exciting as the original score that Mike has created. We also plan on releasing Pirate’s Boom Boom OST on Spotify and Bandcamp very soon!

What do you think? Did you enjoy our take on what a Pirate’s universe can sound like? In my opinion it is a great departure from traditional music that is in almost any pirate ship game.