Poultry Keeping Machinery Market

The Poultry Keeping Machinery Market is poised for a bright and prosperous future, primarily driven by the remarkable surge in poultry meat consumption. This growing demand for poultry products serves as a catalyst for the market's expansion. Notably, the regions of South America, Asia Pacific (excluding Japan), and North America emerge as key players in unlocking the market's tremendous growth potential. As these regions continue to witness a rise in poultry farming and production, the need for advanced and efficient poultry keeping equipment becomes increasingly evident.

The global poultry keeping machinery market is set to be valued at around US$ 5.09 Billion in 2022, registering Y-o-Y growth of 3.2%. The market is projected to increase at a CAGR of 3.6% and attain a valuation of US$ 6.54 Billion by 2028.

The study primarily attributes the market for poultry keeping equipment’s bright future to increased poultry meat consumption. The poultry keeping machinery market has tremendous growth potential in regions including South America, Asia Pacific outside of Japan, and North America, according to the study.

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The market is likely to see significant product innovation over the next ten years as a result of enhanced technology that adhere to rules and standards for animal welfare. Automation of agriculture and farm equipment as well as the need from new poultry farms for cutting-edge, affordable poultry keeping equipment have both greatly increased.

Key Takeaways:

  • Growing Demand: The poultry keeping machinery market is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years due to the increasing demand for poultry products, such as eggs and meat.
  • Technological Advancements: Advancements in technology have led to the development of innovative and efficient machinery, which is contributing to the growth of the market.
  • Increased Automation: The use of automated machinery has become increasingly popular in the poultry industry, as it helps to reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.
  • Environmental Concerns: The poultry keeping machinery market is being impacted by environmental concerns, such as the need to reduce emissions and energy consumption.
  • Asia-Pacific Region: The Asia-Pacific region is expected to witness the highest growth in the poultry keeping machinery market due to the increasing demand for poultry products in the region and the growing adoption of advanced technologies.
  • Key Players: Some of the key players in the poultry keeping machinery market include Big Dutchman International GmbH, Munters AB, Vencomatic Group, Chore-Time Brock International, and Val-Co Companies.

Poultry keeping equipment refers to a range of tools and devices that are used in the care and management of domestic fowl. This equipment includes feeders, waterers, nest boxes, incubators, brooders, and ventilation systems. Proper use of this equipment is essential for ensuring the health and well-being of poultry, as well as optimizing egg production and meat yield.

Growing demand for progressive products is imposing pressure on the manufacturers to deliver technologically-advanced and unique product offerings, finds FMI. Thus, technological advancements have led to noteworthy investment in research & development by equipment manufacturers. Manufacturers in the poultry keeping machinery market focus on developing unique patented technologies, which act as product differentiators and help them earn a competitive edge.

From an investment viewpoint, birds such as turkey, ducks and broilers have high economic value as they adapt easily to any environment. They can be used for meat within eight weeks, and thereby, with expected increase in consumption, significant upsurge in investment in the poultry sector is expected, particularly in developing countries, countries in the Middle East Africa such as Iran and Tunisia.

APEJ Region to Provide Noteworthy Growth Opportunities for Manufacturers

With ongoing technological advancements and progression in agricultural and farm equipment over the years, automation is anticipated to emerge as the future of the poultry keeping machinery market in growing economies in the APEJ Region. Poultry keeping machinery manufacturers are focusing more on improving their market structures and offerings in the region.

A poultry keeping system refers to the overall management approach used to care for domestic fowl. This includes factors such as housing, feeding, watering, disease prevention, and waste management. There are different types of poultry keeping systems, including free-range, cage-free, and conventional. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of system depends on the specific needs and goals of the poultry operation.

For the global poultry keeping machinery market, the APEJ region is projected to be a prominent region throughout the forecast period owing to the increasing consumption and production of poultry keeping machinery in China and India, along with North America, Latin America, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe. The growing focus on animal welfare worldwide has inclined consumer focus on the methods adopted in the production of the food produced from the farm.

Broiler Harvesting and Slaughtering Equipment to Remain Prominent Poultry Keeping Machinery

The division of the global poultry keeping machinery market has been done on the basis of product type, along with seven regions.

  • Based on product, poultry keeping machinery is commonly used in broiler harvesting and slaughtering, which is expected to contribute to the growth of the market in the coming years. It is anticipated to play a prominent role in the global poultry keeping machinery market throughout the forecast period. The other types of poultry keeping machinery such as vaccination, flooring, scales, nest, and cages, are also considered to project relatively high growth in the upcoming years.
  • Drinking and feeding poultry keeping machinery also have noteworthy benefits due to their reduced microbial load and improvement in feeding pellets to the farm animals. This will improve the growth performance through feed intake, which will result in weight gain. This feed conversion ratio will lead to healthy protein gain.

Poultry Keeping Machinery Market: Vendor Insights

The global poultry keeping machinery report emphasizes on some of the principal industry players in the global poultry keeping machinery market. Some of the examples of the key players in the market are Valco Companies, Inc., Jansen Poultry Equipment, Vencomatic Group, Big Dutchman International GmbH, TEXHA PA LLC, Petersime NV, Hartmann Lebensmitteltechnik Anlagenbau GmbH, and HAMex-GmbH, among others.

Key Segments of Poultry Keeping Machinery Industry Survey

Poultry Keeping Machinery Market by Product

  • Feeding
  • Drinking
  • Climate Control
  • Incubator Equipment
  • Hatchery Equipment
  • Egg Collection, Handling, and Management Equipment
  • Broiler Harvesting and Slaughtering
  • Residue and Waste Management
  • Others (Vaccinations, Floorings, Scales, Nests, Cages)